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A blind cannot lead a blind. A leader has to know the way and the destination; otherwise it is a blind revolution into astray. For the avoidance of doubt, minds must be stormed. The worst form of subjugation happens when a mind is not permitted to think other than what it has been forced to.

The mission of this site is to provide open forum for all those who are ready to abandon or change their religion to "Humanity Religion" or believes, who are free-thinkers and are rejected or threatened by their religious society, and those who are oppressed by any dogma in religious format.


The timeline in this cyberspace will guide you through history where Iran started, how far climbed in the free-thinking how badly fell where stands today.

We would certainly need a lot of help. Your contribution always welcomed.

We are not claiming play a leader, nor would we like to guide you blind folded. We would like to use suggestions in its full extend liberating minds of our fellow citizens, the world and our land from ancient thinking as fast as possible as safe as possible.

Iran's over 2500 years old civilization has survived invasion by Mongols, Turks, Afghans and many others but could not survive due to irresponsible speech of one Iranian who knowingly helped the foreigners to destabilize our civilization, culture, economy, stability and sovereignty.

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